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Instruction and Tours

Class Sessions in the Archives

Faculty are encouraged to incorporate materials from the Archives into their teaching. There are multiple, scalable options for curricular use of collections and the Archivists are available to work with you to achieve your pedagogical goals. These include:

  • A single class visit to the archives to orient students to the collections and space
  • A thematic visit to the archives, with selections on a particular topic, subject, or theme
  • An assignment designed around collections that requires out-of-class student visits to the archives
  • An entire class or syllabus built around archival collections

In all these scenarios, our instruction focuses both on enabling students to find and use collections, and developing their skills in analyzing and interpreting primary sources. If you are interested in exploring any of these options, email Ben Murphy ([email protected]).

Information for Students

Archives exist to be used, and we encourage all Whitman students to explore our collections. Whether it be for a class assignment, research paper, or personal interest, we invite you utilize our unique, local collections. Potential topics for research include:

  • Whitman College institutional history, including student clubs and organizations
  • Regional Walla Walla history
  • Missionary and settler colonial narratives
  • Photography
  • Book history and artists’ books
  • Environmental issues and history

Recent honors theses written using the Archives include:

This is just a small sample of potential topics. If you would like to learn more, please email [email protected], or stop in during our open hours!

If you are a member of a student club or organization, we encourage you to consider depositing records of your organization in the Archives. Digital or physical materials are accepted, including photographs, meeting minutes, correspondence, posters, zines, and more. Get in touch and help us preserve student life and culture!

Tours and Events

The Archives will periodically host open houses for Alumni and other events. If you wish to schedule a tour or open house for a group of students, or for members of the public, email [email protected].