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Penrose Library Blog

Welcome back from Penrose Library!

Change in Operations

We know there are a lot of changes happening this semester, and we’ve worked all summer to meet your research needs as best as possible whether you’re in Walla Walla or elsewhere. We’re highlighting some of the key ways things have changed for the fall semester, and for more information consult our guide to Remote Access to Penrose.

Remote Help and Contact

Librarians are available 9-5, Monday-Friday to help you. We can help you access resources, find materials to help you with your research, plan a research project, format citations, and help answer any other questions you might have. We can be contacted via email or chat (you can start a chat conversation from the link on the library’s home page). Call us at 1-833-PENROSE to leave a voicemail that the person managing chat will receive.

Online Materials and Tools

Remotely, you can still access all of our digital resources, including e-books. For many physical materials on our shelves, it is likely we can get you a digital version or make scans of a selection of pages from the resource. 

Curbside Checkout – for those in Walla Walla

  1. Request items for pickup.    
    • Use Sherlock to search for items, sign-in and use the “request for pickup” link in the Get-It box.
  2. Wait for email notification.    
    • Staff will pull your items from the shelf, check them out to your account and bag them.
    • You will receive a “ready for pick up” notification by email.
  3. Pickup is available Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 1-3 pm or Thursdays & Fridays from 9-11 am at the front entrance.
  4. Call us when you get here: 509-527-5192.    
    • Staff will bring out bagged items on a cart to the designated area on the library porch.
    • Please wear a mask and take your items once staff have moved out of your way.       

Remote Delivery of Materials

Not in Walla Walla? Locate the items that you want in Sherlock, sign in and use the “Remote Mail Delivery” link. Fill out the mail delivery request form (make sure your address is current) and we will ship items to you. Shipping in 2-8 business days. (Please help us save resources and get you faster service by using pickup service if you are in Walla Walla).


We have resumed Summit services, though not every school is participating so it will not be the entire breadth of materials you are used to. We are quarantining books as they arrive, and quarantining once they are returned which means they will take longer to get in your hands, and may be in your account longer than you expect (but you will not accrue any fines). 

Due Dates                               

We are extending due dates for library materials to the end of the semester. Please return items to the outside book drop when you are finished with them.